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NationalPost App redesign


The National Post mobile redesign was a 1 day project to understand mobile useability.

Material Design

The current National Post mobile app for iOS and Android are outdated and could benefit from restyling. Material Design guidelines were used to give the app a modern look and feel.

Old iPhone version iPhone version

Old iPhone version Android version

Old iPhone version Single article page

Old version of categories Categories section

These are screenshots of the original Android and iOS versions of the current app available in their respective marketplaces.

My design with Material Design applied

The redesigned National Post mobile app with Material Design methodology applied.

My design with Material Design applied Hamburger Menu
The current app uses a bottom line menu navigation system that takes up screen real estate. This design uses a more modern “hamburger menu” to give users more options, quickly.

My design with Material Design applied Readability
Readability should be the focus of any news app. Emphasis was given to typography, font size, line spacing, and tracking/kerning to make the text as easy-to-read as possible.